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Saving A Legacy

Imagine if you built a program from the ground up. You’ve poured everything you had into making it a success for years and it has changed the lives of thousands of the people who need it most in the community. And now, you’re ready to retire. But you don’t want to see your life’s work fade away. Organizations love to talk about onboarding, but this Black Belt’s innovation around offboarding has preserved the success of a program.

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A City of Denver soil reuse practice avoids landfills and saves millions

To give an example of how much was being hauled away from City projects to landfills, imagine an 18-wheeler truck that is filled to the brim with soil. Just about 4,100 trucks worth of soil would have been disposed of this year, if not for Diane’s brilliant idea: create a Soil Reuse Guidance Document and include it as a standard in City development contracts.