When the pandemic began in 2020, like many employees across the nation, Lori A. Martinez found herself working remotely, from home. Her living space is open concept, so she thought that would be an excellent place to set up base. So she began her work-from-home at her kitchen island.

Lori Martinez is one of DenPeakAcademy’s Brightspots of 2021.

After a few months of working from home, she thought about her workspace & workflow. She felt cluttered amongst work items & felt to need to improve her overall workflow.

After going through the Peak Green Belt Training, she decided to focus on improving the space & flow of her remote workspace. Her goal was to increase overall effectiveness & efficiency within three months.

Above is a picture of Lori’s workspace before her innovation.

With the help of the A3/Innovation Form & the 5S/6S Lean Kaizen tool, & monthly meetings with her Peak Liaison, Lori regained “some sense of work-life balance” for the remainder of her work-from-home period. She said, “I determined the foyer was the best option as it out of sight, away from the great room.” & she turned that space into a copy of her in-office setup.

Now when Lori stops the clock for the day, she leaves the foyer and her CCD tasks for another day. Instead of feeling like she’s still on the clock like she did when her remote office set in the kitchen.

Once Lori documented her remote-work innovation (5S/6S) via the Green Belt A3/Innovation Form, she realized her innovation effort increased her overall wellness. Also, it improved her sense of mindfulness & improved her overall workflow/productivity at home by 30%. Also, she decreased the time it took her to clear the kitchen of her work by a few minutes, which impacted her sense of mindfulness & overall wellness.

Above is a picture of Lori’s workspace after her innovation.

Lori’s simple innovation helped her focus more on what matters. Now she can focus more on serving the City & County of Denver’s constituents instead of spending time on setting up, managing, and breaking down daily workflow. And that is why Denver Peak Academy wants to recognize & celebrate Lori as a bright spot.
She’s a prime example of the power of small innovations & their ability to take any system to the next level; Innovate. Elevate. Repeat.

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