In 2020 the recreation centers closed for 13 months, and Glen Batista’s department redeployed him five times. This redeployment nudged Glen to work in new environments with other city agencies, disrupting his usual routine of accomplishing tasks. 

Above is a snapshot of Glen’s Calendar (CS) before he made improvements.

In addition to his required recreation work, he also had to balance four other work committees and volunteer obligations. Being redeployed removed him from his desk and his work calendar became an unorganized block of dates that felt overwhelming when he would attempt to plan his day or week. 

To stay aware of his responsibilities, he needed to innovate around a better schedule that would allow him to stay organized and feel like he has control over his work plan. So after his Peak Green Belt Training, Glen decided to try using color coding (visual management) to take advantage of the daily task function in Outlook.

Above is a snapshot of Glen’s Calendar (FS) after he made improvements.

Now, according to Glen, “I have a better understanding of my weekly workflow and deadlines. I can glance at my calendar and immediately understand which work area/committee I need to prioritize for the next day’s work.” All of which increased his overall productivity & mindfulness.

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