Continuous Improvement requires continuous effort over time, patience, & empathy – teamwork. 

Take Christeen Chapman & her team (Denver’s Tax Compliance Office – Department of Finance – TCO); for example, just this year (2020), they increased the overall quality of the Tax Compliance & Collection System by 10%.
Back in 2019, the TCO unit started working with Denver Peak Academy & straightforward tools like process mapping to understand the flow of customer delinquencies & simple brainstorming tools to improve the customer’s understanding of the Tax Compliance System. 
The TCO team used the digital Peak versions of those as mentioned earlier to understand & improve the system’s quality overall by 22%.  
They leveraged the power of teamwork to reach their goal of creating a better culture, product & customer experience (internal & external facing customers). 
I applaud them for being vulnerable despite a historic pandemic to deliver more value to the customers & citizens of the City & County of Denver, by continuously innovating “without more people, systems, & money.”



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