JaQuale's Cert Photo
JaQuale celebrates her improvement by accepting her Denver Peak Academy Black Belt (Lanyard) & Certificate.

In 2019, JaQuale and her team at Denver’s county jail – The Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) improved the “Inmate Request Process,” through a very visual & innovative solution. Instead of tracking down the team (DSD) & requesting packets, inmates intuitively (via visual tools) access resource packets via information stations set in most pods of the county jail.

Now, it takes 45% less time to deliver & receive an information/resource packet. Thank you, JaQuale & the DSD Team, for elevating Denver. JaQuale & her team were active in their efforts, to the extent of inmate programs, & management, specifically in the process of identifying and fulfilling information requests created by DSD inmates.

Throughout the improvement of information delivery to DSD inmates, JaQuale & her team consistently collaborated with DSD deputies & other DSD units to identify the inmates’ needs, as mentioned earlier, via brainstorming sessions, action plans, the innovation form (Lean A3), and consistent management of project check-ins.


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