DSD Intake Process Photos (14)
Above, Major M. & Captain B. collaborate to develop a plan of improvement for the current intake process at the Denver Detention Center. Using Peak tools, their goal is to increase the efficiency of the process, and to decrease any defects or current pain points living in the system, to deliver more value to the numerous stakeholders of the intake process.

The Denver Peak Academy’s Partnership with the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) focused on the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and on creating the DSD’s Performance Management Model & Strategic Plan 2.0. This partnership focused on improving a few processes & measurements like; decreasing Intake Staff Assaults, Use-Of-Force (UOF), and Pod Grievances at the Downtown Detention Center (DDC).

Decreasing Intake Staff Assaults initiated because DSD staff assaults in the Intake area of the DCC increased overtime. Many attacks were occurring during the exchange of custody from the Denver Police Department (DPD) to the DSD. From June 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019, there was a 57% decrease in staff assaults. This decrease is likely due to allowing intake DSD staff to access the situation before removing the restraints.

Andrea Albo leveraged her Denver Peak Academy & data-driven skills to help the Sheriff’s Department become a more data-driven department itself. She inspired the creation of “Strategic Plan 2.0” and the SLT meetings, which led to a decrease in the incidents mentioned in the rest of the article. Moreover, her work set a path for the department moving forward, the respect & love of the entire department, as well as a Denver Peak Academy Award for most innovative & “Supportive Leader” of 2019.

Moreover, regarding the DSD Intake UOF, From June 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019, there was a 22% decrease in UOF incidents. This decrease is likely due to running more pilots and experiments (Peak Academy tools) that allowed DSD staff to determine when removing restraints. Also, creating a safer environment.

Through hard work and dedication, The Denver Sheriff’s Department created “Strategic Plan 2.0” to guide the efforts & focus of the department.

Through the collection and use of data and modern tools like Power BI, DSD’s SLT identified inmate grievances increased in the DDC’s 3C Pod. Further observation revealed that Pod 3C, which houses male inmates with mental health alert assigned by Denver Health Staff, needed more resources and standards. Thus, the DSD implemented a pilot in the 3C Pod, which included consistent staffing, the addition of programs, and an increase in therapy. Since implemented, the pilot resulted in an 86% decrease in grievances from pod 3C. This decrease is likely due to consistent staffing, the addition of programs, and an increase in therapy. Furthermore, the 3C Pod pilot resulted in a 36% decrease in UOF cases within the Pod. 

Today, the improvements mentioned above are being sustained and continuously improved. Below you will find a few data sets illustrating the developments highlighted in the above article:

Reduction of OTGIRT – Intake handcuffingGIRT – 3C pilot

GIRT – Intake handcuffing

GIRT – 3C pilot

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