Well, people, I missed Dr. Seuss Day (Never heard of Dr. Seuss Day?! It’s March 2nd, tell your friends). But we are sending our 91st cohort through Black Belt this week, and I have a 15-month-old at home so now I present to you the ABCs of Peak Academy Black Belt.

The ABCs of Peak Academy Black Belt
By Megan Williams

A is for Agreeing to Group Norms, because respect is key
B is for Black Belt – in innovation, not karate.

C is for Communication Circle, to help you find the overlaps
D is for DOWNTIME, the acronym that identifies wasteful traps

E is for Eliminating Waste, now that you have found it
F is for Fishbone Diagram and the 6Ms that surround it

G is for Gemba Walk – go see the work being done!
H is for How You Show Up, you can be the darkness or the sun.

I is for the Innovation Form, seriously, call us if it gives you stress
J is for Joining In and learning about others in the process

K is for Kanban, the Japanese word for billboard
L is for Lean Simulation so you can see the end result you’ve worked toward

M is for the matrix that shows your ideas by effort and impact
N is for Nudge techniques in the BIT deck – it’s definitely stacked!

O is for Opportunity to Innovate, when you see it don’t be scared
P is for Process Map where each step can be declared

Q is for QMEATY, use it to measure Current and Future State
R is the Reason for Action, it’s the WHY that makes it great!

S is for Sticky Notes and Sharpies, we use a lot of these
T is for Time, innovate to use more of it for what you please

U is for Understanding Your Customer, be sure to hear their voice
V is for Value Added steps, innovating around these is a choice

W is for the 5 Whys, they’ll get you to the source
X is for Six-S – Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and Safety of course!

Y is for Yearly Cost and Savings, we’ll see your hard work here
Z is for Zippy Ignite Presentations, after which everyone needs a beer.

If this delightful poem made no sense whatsoever to you, it’s time to sign up for Black Belt. I can’t believe it’s taken you this long. GO, go right now!

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