“We knew we couldn’t boil the ocean” says Anna Forsberg, Recruiting Manager for the Talent Acquisition Team within Office of Human Resources (OHR).  When addressing insufficient current state processes, feeling like you have taken on an unmanageable task is not a foreign concept to anyone that works in the public or private sector.    When it comes to process improvement, following partnering with peak, attending several workshops, getting many members of the team green and black belt certified, and implementing frameworks to benefit process flow, the Talent Acquisition Team truly exhibits stardom.  Here are three frameworks the Talent Acquisition Team implemented that your department or organization can benefit from too!

  1. Visual Management tactics
  2. Setting One Overarching Goal
  3. Creativity
  • Visual Management Tactics

While progress tracking visuals facilitate transparency and control within processes, the Talent Acquisition Team has taken it a step further.  Rather than using numbers as a monthly report tracking device, the Talent Acquisition Team uses emojis with respective facial expressions to indicate whether each pod (composed of a group of individuals within the team working on the same assignment) is on track to meet the expectations at the end of each month.  Numbers do not hold intrinsic value.  However, humans have a universal understanding of the implications of facial expressions. Performance indicators are more effective in the form of visuals because they give a universally comprehensible narrative associated with the number being tracked.  It is a means to have a transparent and effective tracking method and performance indicator.

  • Setting One Overarching Goal

The members of the Talent Acquisition Team were spreading themselves too thin by having too many goals yielding their focus and attention too widespread to achieve them.  With clear repercussions on productivity, effectiveness, and morale, the team used The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Sean Covey as inspiration to refocus their efforts.  Their new method was to set several metrics with a consistent benchmark of 45, the primary focus being their target for time to fill as depicted in the photo.  They would no longer forget what they were striving for because the only thing team members had to remember was, “45.”  Through this targeted goal-setting, the Talent Acquisition Team began meeting standards and enhancing performance. 

  • Creativity

The Peak Team teaches tools, concepts, and rules that are effective if used as instructed but are sometimes even more useful when personalized or broken.  OHR has a new friend named Stampy that helps them question the status quo and take visual tracking to the next level.  With the help of Jerraud Coleman from the Peak Team, the Talent Acquisition Team created Stampy the elephant who was created to represent “the humongous change ahead” (Forsberg) and, at the very least, serves as an aesthetic and helpful visual tracking device.  Stampy exemplifies a Peak taught concept of visual management that the Talent Acquisition Team has personalized and is means of tracking for the creative members that comprise the Talent Acquisition Team.  Being nearly an exclusive product of the individuals of the Talent Acquisition Team, Stampy has succeeded in inspiring accountability.  Any department/agency within or outside the city can and learn from this initiative taken by the Talent Acquisition Team. 

The Talent Acquisition Team’s tactics are working because they have attended three, going on four, conferences to receive external recognition for their successes, and they received nominations and were even represented in the group of winners at the Annual Peak Performance Celebration.  They have done so by finding “ways to focus on what is important and let the insignificant things fall by the wayside.”  (Forsberg) Luckily for everyone in and outside of the city, the Talent Acquisition Team has shared some of their secrets to attaining success.  Now, it is up to us to learn from them so that we can all become a star like the Talent Acquisition Team within OHR.

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