Hello! My name is Katie McCune, and I want to introduce myself as the newest member of the Peak Academy team. I am excited to join the team and help you all make this city even more awesome than it already is.  

Close-up picture of Katie, her husband, and dog lying in grass
My family

My career has always had me working in public service including healthcare, non-profit consulting, and higher-education sectors. In my positions, I’ve worn a variety of hats, but innovation has always been my jam. Apparently, even as a young person, one of my favorite phrases was “there has to be a better way!” This phrase never left my lexicon, and this way of thinking led me to a lot of work as an informal process improvement leader in my former roles. Seeking out more formal exposure to process improvement put Peak Academy on my radar, and after growing my skills, I am excited to have “process improvement” in my official job title.  

Here are some additional “fun facts” about me:  

Katie, eating an ice cream cone in busy plaza in Lima, Peru
Ice cream in Lima, Peru
  • I love creating order out of chaos (and helping others do the same) in all aspects of life – in my free time I do a lot of organizing, rearranging, and finding ways to make physical spaces more functional. For example, when you move into a new home and everything needs a new place to go, finding that place is my favorite!  
  • My first formal experience with process improvement was when I was the site leader for a 9Health Fair, and I was committed to reducing wait times so we never again had to worry about our fasting participants passing out as they waited in the heat for their blood draw.   
  • I am kind of obsessed with checklists.   
  • As an undergraduate, I co-founded an international health relief non-profit, and taking on a leadership role in that organization taught me a lot about how failure can be one of the best conduits for innovation.  
  • People fascinate me. So much so that I studied sociology for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  

When I’m not at work I enjoy playing soccer, telemark skiing, hiking, or curling up on the couch with my husband Nick and my dog Conrad. And dreaming about the next place I want to travel.  

Katie, on a hiking trip with fall foliage in the background

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