On Thursday June 14th, the Peak Team held another continuing peak education event to celebrate innovation in the City and County of Denver. We awarded lanyards to new employees who recently earned their black belt, showcased amazing employee-driven innovations across the city and celebrated the culture of innovation that has continued to grow over the last six years within the City and County of Denver.

Over 150 innovators came to the event, and 25 of them were awarded with their black belt lanyards. Congratulations to our recipients and keep on innovating!

Debra Johnson, Denver’s Clerk & Recorder, was our keynote speaker of the event. She has demonstrated unparalleled innovation since her first day in the office in 2011, and continues to set an amazing example for the city. Her speech covered some of the innovation highlights that they’ve accomplished over the years, and left the audience with some great advice about how to support an innovative culture. Thank you so much Deb! You are truly an inspiration for the city.

The main feature of the event was the innovation showcase which included select innovations from inside and outside the city, and the employees behind them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Danica Lee – Director of Public Health Inspections

Treasury Division – Department of Finance

Kirk Gallaher & Dave Kahn – Community Planning & Development

Lizzie Schoon – Wellness – Office of Human Resources

Tammy Fitch & Luis Rexach – Technology Services

William Chavez – Public Works

Talent Acquisition Team – Office of Human Resources

Curtis Anthony – Real Estate – Department of Finance

Rene Macias – Risk – Department of Finance

Katie Quisenberry & Emily McGarvey – Kaiser Permanente

Each individual or team above was recognized for their ability to innovate on things within their control, and to successfully make a positive change that adds value to their customers. Peak recognizes that innovation is not easy, and it requires putting in considerable effort on top of a full workload. We are all so incredibly proud of our innovators here in the city and we look forward to celebrating more in the future. Thank you for helping us achieve more than $27 million in savings over the last 6 years!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to engage with our team offerings, check us out here.


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