June has been a busy month, and as we move full swing into summer, I want to congratulate June’s Cohort #76: Pacific Peak! If you are looking for a group of people to bring great energy and vibes to the city, this is your team. They kicked off training with laughter and clapping to show their love and excitement for the work they do, and support for the Peak Academy.

Cohort #76 is not only made of passionate City and County of Denver employees, but five individuals joined us from around the country to gain new tools and learn about the commitment to innovation in the City of Denver.

They represented the following agencies and cities:

  • Clerk & Recorder
  • Community Planning & Development
  • Denver Human Services
  • Denver International Airport
  • Department of Finance
  • Office of Economic Development
  • Technology Services
  • Public Works
  • San Jose, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Durham County, North Carolina

On the second day of training we were lucky to attend three unique Gemba Walks:

• The Office of Human Resources “Post to Fill Process”- where the spirit of continuous improvement is deeply engrained.
• Department of Finance Budget Management Office “Budget Process”- it is the height of budget season and BMO had our group of Black Belts join and provide analysis and outside eyes.
• Denver Office of Children’s Affairs “Healthy Meals Program”- we visited Harvey Park Recreation Center where the staff were excited to have Black Belts look at the process knowing that the program is growing. The Harvey Park team shared, “We are taking away the stigma from seeking a summer meal! It feels really good to be able to feed kids that are hungry”

By day two, the cohort was were consulting on each other’s innovations, by day three our friends from South Carolina had explored Denver’s great attractions and joined CCD employees in some kickball, and by day four Black Belt Dominic Diaz had taken up the challenge to submit and implement an innovation by the following week! He did just that and received his Black Belt at our Continuing Peak Education. Be on the lookout, Cohort #76 is going to do great things!

Innovate. Elevate. Repeat.

Anthony Garcia-Public Works rocking his Prezi!
Fellow Innovator Michael Davis from S.C. showing love and sporting Broncos Colors for his Ignite!


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