Peak Cohort_#7532
Congratulations to Peak Academy’s May Cohort; #75: Ice Mountain! Pictured above: Elena Pavel, Melissa Garcia, Esmeralda Santillano, Jeff Krawcek, Tyler Zimmer, Kelsey Murphy, Adrian Martinez, James Katros, David Adams, Joshua Palmeri, Matthew Seubert, Robert Leyba, Ryan Stoker, Angela Wilson, Ali Van Deutekom, Zack Santen, Kristine Barney, Noah Imai, Erin Wyse, and Jason Milam.

On May 7, 2018, Denver Peak Academy had a total of 20 individuals, representing several organizations within and external to the City and County of Denver, go through the Black Belt Training.

Peak Cohort_#7519
In just 30 minutes (over three rounds), Cohort #75 came together during the Lean Simulation to significantly improve a process that was completely broken.

May’s Cohort; #75: Ice Mountain is composed of talent from the following organizations:

Denver Public Works
Denver Sheriff’s Department
Denver Human Services
Kaiser Permanente
Denver Parks & Recreation
Denver Community Planning and Development
Denver Technology Services
Town of Frederick, Colorado
City of Boise, Idaho
Denver Department of Public Health and Environment
Denver International Airport


Some of the highlights from the week are as follows:

  1. Conducted Gemba walks with Denver’s Office of the Medical Examiner, Denver Public Library, and Denver Community Planning and Development, observed internal processes, and presented an in-depth analysis of each method.
  2. Practiced Behavioral Insight Techniques.
  3. Discussed approaches to ‘Change Management’ and ‘Organizational Leadership’; applied process improvement tools and skills to improve a simulated Parks’ process via a 3-hour continuous improvement simulation.


Peak’s Black Belt class is a week of fun and problem identification and solving. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Now Cohort #75 (Ice Mountain) has the tools to objectively see a process-problem, say it (with data), and fix it continuously, with data, accountability and evidence-based solutions.

To close, at the Peak Academy, we can not express enough how proud we are of Cohort #75. Thus, we encourage you all to go forth and make Denver, as well as the World, better. One process; team; division; and municipality at a time: innovate; elevate; repeat.

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