Congratulations to April’s Cohort #74! Not only did they rock their week of Black Belt Training, they hit the ground running with the first innovation submitted a mere 72 hours after Ignite presentations on Friday! It should also be mentioned that at least three people in Cohort #74 were already working with many teams and committees back at their agencies to lead innovation efforts. So, like I said, Rock stars!

Cohort #74, also known as Mt. Ouray, represented the following agencies and cities:

  • Denver Parks & Recreation- Parks Maintenance
  • Department of Finance- Real Estate and BMO
  • Public Works- Street Maintenance
  • Tech Services- Applications Development and Project Management
  • Office of Economic Development- Division of Small Business Opportunity
  • Department of Environmental Health- Public Health Inspections
  • City Council- Operations
  • Denver Human Services
  • Denver Public Library
  • Denver Fire
  • Denver County Courts
  • Community Planning & Development
  • The City of Boulder
  • Kaiser Permanente

They are a diverse group, a passionate group, and open to reaching across the city and departments to seek advice and partnership.

Katie BB

While the highlights for Mt. Ouray’s week in Black Belt are very important-

They went on Gemba Walks to Denver Elections Division, Denver Human Services’ Child Welfare Placement Navigation, and the Office of Economic Developments’ Division of Small Business Opportunity. Mt. Ouray also had special external participants from Boulder and Kaiser who brought great perspective and energy to the class. What stands out the most is the solid engagement and innovative thinking post Black Belt for Cohort #74.

Park’s Jason Bazanac has already created standard work for his crew, which sparked production boards and multiple 6S projects in his shop; Curtis Anthony from Real Estate not only created a form to help his customers flow through a city process, but he brought together multiple teams for a process mapping session to visualize their workflow for billing and invoices; and Aaron Johnson from Public Works accidentally created a movement on his team…upon his return from Black Belt, three of his colleagues sent in innovations to become Green Belt certified! These are just a few examples of what it looks like to go back and execute on your ideas.

Keep Innovating, Keep Elevating, & Repeat!

What’s unique about this photo? David Botello from Public Works proudly displaying his Black Belt Certificate!

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  1. I really miss the ENERGY that this GROUP brought to this experience! I certainly hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!!!

    All the best!!! COHORT 74

    Curtis I. Anthony


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