Congratulations Peak Cohort #70 – Stewart Peak: Theresa Spahn, Seth Craft, Roni Kirchhevel, Rita Aragon, Penny Watts, Natasha Bagully, Madelyn Rahn, Lindsay Saperstone, Kendra Cole, Joel Peterson, Jason Smiley, J.D. Perkins, Emily Caldwell, Conor Drummond, Christopher Proud, Casey Stoneberger, Austin Hartman, Andrew Marzo, Amanda Feathers, Alexander Abel, and Alejandro Romeroand.

Congratulations to Cohort 70! We had a total of 22 individuals representing several organizations within and external to the City and County of Denver.

From left to right: Amanda Feathers, Austin Hartman, and Andrew Marzo prove that while innovation can be hard, it can be handled in a cool, calm, and collected fashion.

The groups represented include:

  • The city of Tucson, AZ
  • Denver Technology Services (TS)
  • Denver Department of Finance (DOF)
  • Denver Community Planning & Development (CPD)
  • Denver Fire Department (DFD)
From left to right: Seth Craft and Natasha Bagully work towards a system-wide improvement with smiles and a can-do attitude, regardless of their current working environment.
  • Denver County Courts (DCC)
  • Denver Public Works (DPW)
  • Denver International Airport (DEN/DIA)
  • Denver Employee Retirement Plan (DERP)
  • Denver Department of Environmental Health (DEH)
  • Denver Human Services (DHS)
  • Denver Police Department (DPD)
  • Denver Department of Safety (DOS)
During the Peak Black Belt Training, Cohort #70 (Stewart Peak) tackled every challenge with confidence, wit, and charisma; this group is bound to go far.

Some highlights of Stewart Peak – Cohort #70’s week was as follows:

Conducted Gemba walks with DPW and CPD and observed internal processes, and presented an in-depth analysis of each process.

Practiced Behavioral Insight Techniques.

Discussed approaches to Change Management; applied process improvement tools and skills in a 3-hour continuous improvement simulation; took a field trip to the Peak team’s office to explore the concept of visual management; and conquered the Peak Black Belt Simulation.

As is tradition, Cohort #70 – Stewart Peak, took a funny group picture.

Peak’s Black Belt class is a week of fun and problem identification/solving. It isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Now you have the tools required to see your problem, say it (with data), and fix it continuously (with data and evidence-based solutions).

To close, Peak Academy cannot express enough how proud we are of this class. Go forth and make Colorado and the World, better, one division and municipality at a time. Innovate, elevate, and repeat.

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