Hey there! My name is Ashley Brand and I’m the newbie over here at Peak Academy. I recently transferred over from Denver Public Library, where I was facilitating Green Belt classes and working with library employees to implement neat innovations which improved customer service for over a million library users. I am very excited to join Peak’s talented group, and I’m looking forward to facilitating some of Peak Academy’s dynamic courses!

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I can eat an unreasonable amount of gummi bears.
  • I am an award-winning tap dancer.
  • I have a Black Lab named Lucy (pictured below), and obviously she is the cutest. (Obligatory “I have a dog” talking point.)
  • Orange is my favorite color.
  • I was fairly fluent in Italian at one point, but am a bit rusty.
  • I press the snooze button at least five times every morning, and it is a horrible habit I’m trying to break.
  • I hold a Master’s of Fine Arts in Poetry. For real.
  • I am a Denver native but the worst kind. I don’t drink craft beer or ski or spend much time in the mountains at all!
  • I always manage to accidentally kill the heartiest of plants.
  • I make delicious pulled pork. (Pro-tip: Line the crockpot with bacon.)

Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope our paths cross by way of Peak in the very near future!

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