Peak Cohort #66 - Sunlight Peak1
Congratulations Peak Cohort #66 – Sunlight Peak: Travis Machalek, Nicole Ankeney, Michael Jordan, Melanie Walker, Laura Calder, Joseph Graves, John Saturley, Hilary Browning, Carla Ott, Brian Wethington, Nicole Skoumal, Andrew McFadden, Melissa Poole-Knight, Casey McCurdy, Jenna Griffin, Dannell Greene, Don Mares, Sarah Coats, Dana Franklin, Mauricio Medrano, Luis Rexach, Mariah Meehan, Marco Cabanillas, and Eric Allen. Peak Academy Members pictured: Andy Rees, Brian Elms, Ashley Brand, Candace Brown, and Jerraud Coleman.

Congratulations to Cohort 66! We had a total of 24 individuals representing several organizations within and external to the City and County of Denver.

Peak Cohort #66 - Sunlight Peak14
From left to right: Dannell Greene, Mariah Meehan, Casey McCurdy, Sarah Coats, Joseph Graves, Laura Calder, and Marco Cabanillas present their Gemba walk analysis of “DPL’s Custodial Process.” The audience is made up of DPL employees and Peak Cohort 66 peers like Andrew McFadden to the far right.
Peak Cohort #66 - Sunlight Peak12
Luis Rexach and Melissa Poole-Knight collaborate to map out steps to illustrate the TS: 311 “Call Intake & Transfer Process.”

The groups represented include:

  • The Colorado Governor’s Office
  • The city of Estes Park, CO
  • The city of Dayton, OH
  • The city of Westminster, CO
  • The city of Englewood, CO
  • Denver Public Libraries (DPL)
  • Denver Human Services (DHS)
  • Denver Department of Environmental Health (DEH)
  • Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR)
  • Denver Public Works (PW)
  • Denver City Attorney’s Office (CAO)
  • Denver Sheriff’s Department (DSD)
  • Denver Technology Services (TS)
  • Denver Department of Finance (DOF)
  • Denver Community Planning & Development (CPD)
  • Denver Fire Department (DFD)
Peak Cohort #66 - Sunlight Peak16
Anna Forsberg (Manager at Denver Office of Human Resources – Talent Aquisition) gave a talk about setting Wildly Important Goals (WIGs), creating a scoreboard to track progress (pictured above), making innovative changes in pursuit of a goal, and collaboratively establishing a team cadence of accountability for continued improvement.

Some of the highlights of the week are as follows:

  • Conducted Gemba walks with DPL, TS, and CPD, observed internal processes, and presented an in-depth analysis of each method.
  • Practiced Behavioral Insight Techniques.
  • Discussed approaches to Change Management; applied process improvement tools and skills in a 3-hour continuous improvement simulation.
  • And took a field trip to the Peak team’s office to explore the concept of visual management.
Peak Cohort #66 - Sunlight Peak9
From Left to right: John Saturley, Carla Ott, Michael Jordan, and Andrew McFadden listen to Anika Olson of TS: 311 as she describes and illustrates the “Call Intake & Transfer Process.”

Peak’s Black Belt class is a week of fun and problem identification/solving. It isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Now you have the tools required to see your problem, say it (with data), and fix it continuously (with data and evidence-based solutions).

To close, Peak Academy cannot express enough how proud we are of this class. Go forth and make Colorado and the World, better, one division and municipality at a time. Innovate, elevate, and repeat.


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