Nate B

My name is Nathaniel Bradley III (or Nate for short), and I am a new intern here at the Denver Peak Academy. Born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, I have always had a love for the Denver-Metro Area and a fascination with the city’s growth throughout my lifetime. After graduating from Rangeview High School, I chose to attend my dream school, the University of Miami, where I currently major in English with a minor in Public Relations.

So what sparked my interest in Denver Peak Academy? Well after he delivered a speech, I met Brian Elms who introduced me to the concept of process innovation and invited me to come visit Black Belt Training for a day. After witnessing that one day of training, I was hooked. There were so many tools that I found to be beneficial; not just in a professional environment, but in everyday life as well. The experience left me thinking, “Wow! I wish I knew about these techniques sooner.” I knew then that this was a team I needed to be a part of.

After securing the internship, I immediately began a week of Black Belt Training with some awesome people from all over the country. Together we learned how to identify problems in processes through the firsthand experience of Gemba Walks, used powerful tools such as Process Mapping, Fishbone Diagrams, and A3’s to innovate our solutions, and tested our skills with a simulation that was equal parts intimidating and rewarding. Throughout each activity, everyone in attendance was very involved, energetic, and wanted to learn as much as they could so that they could bring Peak’s lessons to their own cities. The main sentiment running throughout our cohort was that this was the best training any of us had ever attended. It was proof to me that Denver Peak Academy is playing a major role in Denver’s steady rise to being one of the most prominent cities in America.

I’m ready to give everything I can to continue the success and I’m looking forward to every step in the process.


Nate B 2

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