Congratulations to Cohort 63, Mt Redcloud Peak, who are already springing out of training to innovate! We had a total of 17 people representing eleven different agencies within the City and County of Denver: Community Planning & Development, Denver Human Services, Denver International Airport, Denver Public Library, Public Works, Excise and Licenses, Parks & Recreation, Department of Environmental Health, Technologies Services, Office of Human Resources, Denver Human Services, Sheriff, and Denver International Airport. The cohort also had two external organizations from the city of St. Louis, MO and city of Arvada, CO.

As the liaison for this cohort, it was amazing to see how collaborative and innovative the group was in training. It was an honor to grow with the group and to be reminded how wonderful it is to work in an environment where the employees who do the work, have the voice to make a difference.

Some of the highlights of the week are as follows:

  • Three Gemba walks were done with the Department of Environmental Health, Office of Medical Examiners, and 3-1-1. During the Gemba Walk we learned how to respectfully observe someone else’s process, make a process map and apply gap analysis tools.
  • The Bright Spot presentation was done by Macrina Ghiran. She talked about her journey as a black belt graduate and some of the innovations she has done. Macrina works in the Public Works Finance and Admiration and she spoke about real life innovations she’s implemented. Her innovations include collecting contact information on invoices, a process for monitoring delinquent invoices, and development of Standard Work for her position.
  • Cohort #63 made a field trip to the Peak team’s office to see Visual Management in action!
  • Flower Power game that simulated the process of growing and planting flowers here at the City and County of Denver.
  • 17 amazing Ignite presentations.

Here are some pictures from the week:

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