12246Hi, I’m Robert Peek the newest addition to the Peak Academy. Before joining the team, I spent the last 14 years working on advocacy campaigns ranging from renewable energy to human rights to local elections to water conservation. I worked in development, operations, grassroots organizing and customer service and in all those spaces there were always processes that needed improving. I was so frequently responsible, at least informally, for helping ensure that things work better that it’s only natural that I find myself officially in that role here at the City and County of Denver. I’m excited to bring my passion for creating change to Denver and to help empower city employees to innovate on their work.

When I’m not busy empowering innovation I enjoy woodworking. I get a lot of satisfaction building things with my hands and using power tools (and the occasional chisel). Throughout the crafting process I find myself using many of the techniques Peak Academy teaches. Some of the most common tools I use are:

  • 6S – First and foremost, I always work to create a clean organized space that is well sorted, sustainable and ensures a safe work environment, so that I have space to move around and don’t run the risk of cutting off my thumb.
  • Process Map – When I set out on a new project I map out the process or plan I’m going to use to build those nightstands or that mug cubby. This way, I don’t waste a lot of wood or run the risk of getting half way through a project and having no idea where I am.
  • Standard Work – I need to create a baseline for what my finished product should look like. If I just wrote up the instructions I would have no idea what I’m creating, so I use drawings or photographs for each step in the process and I always make sure I have a completed picture of what I’m crafting.

These tools allow me to create furniture that will last decades that more than just my mom will be proud of.

When I’m not at work-work or woodworking, I enjoy spending time outdoors, watching Indiana University basketball and getting help from my wife to write blogs like this.

If you need help on a process improvement, want to join one of our trainings or just want to learn more about dovetail joints, hit me up at Robert.Peek@DenverGov.org.



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