We are excited to announce the graduation of our most recent Black Belt class – Mt. Sherman Peak! These 19 participants from Cohort 55 represented several organizations within and external to the City and County of Denver, including our first attendee from Denver Arts and Venues and first European student. The groups represented include:

  • Community Planning and Development (CCD)
  • Public Works (CCD)
  • Department of Finance (CCD)
  • Parks and Recreation (CCD)
  • Arts and Venues (CCD)
  • Denver Sheriff Department (CCD)
  • Department of Environmental Health (CCD)
  • Denver City Council (CCD)
  • Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • The City of San Francisco, CA
  • The City of San Diego, CA
  • Municipality of Schaerbeek, Brussels Belgium

In 4.5 days, this class:

  • Learned tools to identify and eliminate waste
  • Conducted Gemba Walks at three locations (Department of Finance travel reimbursement process, Public Works motor center vehicle reservation process, and Denver Animal Protection 311/Salesforce call handling process) and presented an in-depth analysis for each process
  • Practiced Behavioral Insight Techniques using the EAST Framework
  • Discussed approaches to Change Management
  • Applied process improvement tools in a 3-hour simulation
  • Presented 19 amazing Ignite presentations with 57 incredible innovation ideas!

It is our honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to teach this energetic and engaged group of individuals. We cannot express enough how proud we are of this class.

Congratulations Mt. Sherman Peak! We cannot wait to see all the great ways you continue to make the Cities of Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, and Brussels (Schaerbeek) better.

Innovate. Elevate. Repeat!

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