The Nerd Himself

That’s not an “Onion” headline; that’s the story of how I joined the rag tag team of process improvement gurus who train and coach employees at all levels to improve the way government works.

Hello, I’m a Denver resident and self-prescribed nerd by the name of Drew Brown and I recently joined a club for nerds. The club officially goes by the name of the Denver Peak Academy, but other unofficial names include the Process League, Alliance for Metrics Awareness and the Council of Waste Destruction.

I found my way into the club after being trained as a black belt by Peak’s fearless leader Brian Elms. I discovered that my powers of process improvement and metric analysis could be used for good, and could aid the Alliance in our quest to make the City of Denver a waste-free environment. I was officially sworn in as a club member last week, and I intend to use my abilities as an analyst to help rid the city of paper-trail black holes, supply closet hurricanes and data dementors. My not so secret desire is to fulfill the prophecy of destroying the great and powerful Cthulhu of Time Wasting.

One of my passions is sustainability. I believe that the Earth has precious resources, and they should be used wisely in order to leave enough for future generations. To me, many parallels can be drawn between sustainability and process improvement, both being centered on the idea that time and resources are incredibly valuable. Every effort should be made to use them efficiently with the goal of delivering as much value as possible to the customer, while eliminating waste. As I begin my journey with the Alliance, I will use this philosophy every step of the way.

Big Ten Championships 2011

Before my time with the Peak Academy, I was an All-American diver at the University
of Minnesota and two time Olympic Trials participant. I worked for an energy company in Boulder and a school district in Castle Rock. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, rock climbing, and saying “yes dear” to my wife.

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