The Avengers FUNNY

Help make Denver a world-class city where everyone matters- work with our team!

Denver’s Peak Academy guides employees to improve their work processes to better serve our customers and create a better government through training, facilitation, and coaching. Peak helps Denver employees help others, including providing over 10x more child support for families in need, reducing wait times at the DMV and Department of Excise & License, and improving the adoption process at the animal shelter.

We’re currently looking for two rock stars who demonstrate empathy, curiosity, persistence, and analytical and interpersonal skills to work on projects that improve government operations.

If you’ve got a few years of work experience and enjoy event planning and helping others make great workplace connections, you’d be a great fit for our Process Improvement Analyst position. In this position, you’ll coordinate events to celebrate employee-led innovation and process improvements; enhance Peak’s brand through social media engagement; and run Peak’s mentorship program, creating long-lasting connections and encouraging innovation from both recent and older alumni of Peak’s weeklong training.

If you have several years of experience leading and facilitating change efforts, check out our Process Improvement Specialist position. One of your primary roles in this position will be partnering with a city agency in a 6-month engagement, helping staff identify opportunities for improvement and guiding them on their continuous improvement journey.

Every member of the Peak team is expected to…

  • Coach Peak trainees on their innovations, helping them manage change and use metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of their ideas
  • Teach in Peak’s 4-hour and weeklong trainings
  • Continuously seek new ways to improve the way the Denver Peak Academy operates
  • Use data and empathy to facilitate innovations through process improvement events


We’re constantly learning how to be better in how we apply data to solve problems, use novel methods to envision a better government, and engage the front-line staff who do the work. We don’t tell people what the problem is or what to do about it- we empower others to identify and solve problems on their own. If you want to make a real difference in the lives of others, apply now!

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