One of the most important metrics that we calculate in the Peak Academy is value to the customer. While “soft dollar” savings relates to time saved and “hard dollar” savings relates to money or resources gained, value to the customer relates to the time and/or money our customers are able to receive because of our efforts and innovations. This type of value is something that the team members of Denver Human Service’s Child Support division know very well.

In October of 2014, Joy Brown (the director of Child Support) spear-headed an effort to re-organize a struggling team and to start focusing on what they called “Category 3” cases (cases where a non-custodial parent was not paying child support). By reorganizing this team and focusing on these cases they were able to go from collecting almost $200,000 in child support in 2013 to $2,885,929.13 in 2015, more than $2.5 million in increased payments! This money has increased productivity on the part of Joy and her team, but more importantly, it directly impacts Denver families in need. The increase in payments being received means more resources for families like food, school supplies, and so on.

We are so very proud of the entire Child Support team and all of the great work they do each and every day! Thank you for making such a great impact on the lives of Denver families!

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