At the end of every Black Belt training course that we do here at the Peak Academy we have a very special segment called “Ignite.” Ignite is a presentation format based on the idea that you can teach anybody anything within 5 minutes (for more information on Ignite Presentations please visit the official website for the Ignite Show here). Every year we also have the pleasure of hosting participants from all over the country and even the world from various government agencies, nonprofits, and even the private sector. At the end of one of these Black Belt classes that we hosted for RTD, which is responsible for the Denver-metro area’s bus and lightrail system, we saw something we had not yet seen – an Ignite Presentation co-op between two employees in the form of a play/skit. Though we have a distinct fondness for presentations that veer off from the Power Point path and into more creative avenues of expression, this presentation stood out as it highlighted the use of the A3 (Our 9-Step Problem Solving tool that undergirds everything we do) as a communication tool.

Are you ever frustrated because you feel like those around you don’t see the need for change? Do you wish your supervisor could understand the importance of doing things differently? Do you ever wish the “why” of innovation was something others could see more clearly? If so, the A3 could be the communication tool you are looking for. Please watch the above video for an excellent example of how to use the A3 to communicate change as Ron Posey and Mike Young from RTD act out an employee-supervisor interaction. Also, for more training resources please visit our website here.

A3 Template V6 - 2015

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