Passionate about improving government? Do you constantly look for novel methods to drive change, streamline processes, and empower others? Join the Denver Peak Academy team!

We’re currently hiring for one Process Improvement Analyst (Management Analyst II) to join our team. If you’ve got great interpersonal and facilitation skills, a knack for data analysis, and a desire to facilitate change in government, this is the job for you!

Denver’s Peak Academy trains employees to identify and solve process issues in the workplace, facilitates process improvements, provides internal consulting on enhancing operations, and uses data to make more informed decisions. We’re constantly learning how to be better in how we apply data to solve problems, use novel methods to envision a better government, and engage the front-line staff who do the work.

What might you do in this role?

  • Coordinate citywide & quarterly events to celebrate employee-led innovation and process improvements
  • Enhance Peak’s brand through social media engagement
  • Run Peak’s mentorship program, creating long-lasting connections and encouraging innovation from both recent and older alumni of Peak’s weeklong training
  • Coach Peak trainees on their innovations, helping them manage change and use metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of their ideas
  • Teach in Peak’s 4-hour and weeklong trainings
  • Apply behavioral insights to improve public programs and policies
  • Partner with a city agency in a 6-month engagement, helping staff identify opportunities for improvement and guiding them on the continuous improvement journey
  • Continuously seek new ways to improve the way the Denver Peak Academy operates

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