Hello blog readers! I’m Kate May, a new addition to Peak Academy. I joined the team in March to fill the data scientist position, moving over from the financial analysis side of the Budget and Management Office. My educational background includes a smattering of natural sciences, finance/economics, statistics, and public policy, and I have an unbridled nerdy passion for helping people find, clean, analyze, and communicate their data.

I’m looking forward to helping staff throughout the City and County of Denver with:

  • Excel skills and data cleaning
  • Data visualization and “dashboarding”
  • Statistical modeling
  • Experiment design and program evaluation
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Creation of metrics for A3s
  • Whatever problem solving you need help with

Before starting a career in government, I worked as an audio engineer and lighting designer in Rochester, NY, where I led a crew of technicians in designing and running hundreds of concerts, dance performances, comedy acts, speeches, theater performances, and other live acts per year. If you need help figuring out your home stereo equalization or want to learn how to properly mic a drum set, I’ve got you covered there, too!

When not staring at spreadsheets, I enjoy baseball (go Cards!), hiking with my husband and two dogs, doing the NYT Crossword puzzle, and listening to podcasts.


Curious about Power BI or Tableau? Want to learn more about data analysis? Having problems with a spreadsheet? Need advice on how to visualize your data? Want to know good data viz blogs or stats podcasts to check out? Drop me a line! I’m glad to help!

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