What’s up! Chris Scarborough is now a member of the Peak Team! After 21 years with his head in the clouds with the US Air Force he’s landed in D-Town, home of the world champion Broncos, ready to facilitate some process improvement-ation.

AWACS Landing into the SunsetWhat makes him tick? Helping you help your team be more successful. Let’s take those wasteful processes out to the dumpster and exchange them for added value for your customers.

Let him sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain, and ensure safety in your workplace…where your customers see you in action! Show them you’re silly with the Force and care about their time and why they can’t wait to get services from your agency.

Want Green Belt or Black Belt training to teach your team Lean skills? He does that, too! He can help you map out your processes and build a Fishbone Diagram…teach you what the words Gemba, Kaizen, Andon, Kanban, Mise En Place mean.

Work with him and let him take all those confusing numbers and turn them into pictures and graphs that sell that great idea to your boss and team.

Wow! What’s Chris do when he’s not making Denver even more awesome? Enjoying the fourteeners with his family, brewing that perfect IPA, and visiting the local fresh market.

Help him help you and let’s enjoy living in this great city even more. Let’s make it better together!

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