This week, Peak Academy traveled to San Francisco to train 30 employees from the City of San Francisco’s Controller’s Office, City Services Auditor team. The employees conducted gemba walks in the city’s human services division, hospital, library, and treasurer and tax collector’s office. They sharpened their already outstanding skills in identifying and eliminating waste in their own government processes and learned additional techniques to manage change. We were humbled by their invitation and honored to share our knowledge with their incredibly bright and energetic employees.

SF Day 1

Over the course of two and a half days, Peak Academy learned just as much from San Francisco as we shared with them. We hope that our partnership in supporting two of America’s greatest cities will inspire others in local government to lead with more innovation, creativity, data-driven improvements, and joy for public service. While in San Francisco, we were inspired by this quote found on one of their city sidewalks:

sf sign

Our heartfelt gratitude to the employees of the City of San Francisco for inviting us to share our program. We were inspired by your love and dedication to your great city. You made us better and more determined to deliver to our own citizens the city of their dreams.

Leaving our hearts with you. Until next time, all our best wishes to the City of San Francisco. With love and gratitude from the City and County of Denver.

Brian SF

SF group final

Melissa SF

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