Black Belt Dick Gannon, Cohort 25, and his Parks and Recreation Mountain Parks crew have been busy implementing innovations to make the Mountain Parks operation more efficient. Making their operation more efficient allows the staff to focus their time on maintaining the places (and creatures) we love. Place like Red Rocks, Lookout Mountain and our iconic buffalo herd. These areas are central to our unique Colorado Identity, and Dick and his team keep this identity alive.

photo 5
New Fuel Station “Doghouse”

One of Dick’s innovations includes an equipment use tracking system so that management can make sound business decisions about the fleet of vehicles that Dick’s crew maintains. Another innovation, titled “Fuel Station Doghouse,” addresses a motion waste problem Dick’s staff was experiencing every time they fueled a vehicle or piece of equipment. Dick saved more than 57 hours in staff time by moving the fuel logging paperwork, important fuel codes and basic supplies closer to the vehicle.

photo 4
Fuel Codes

Lastly, Dick noticed his employees were spending a significant amount of time shopping for supplies when he would rather they spend their time completing important park projects.  Dick knew several things would need to change in order for this innovation to be successful over the long term.  That’s why he and his team “6S’ed” the storage room, created standard work, utilized visual management to better communicate what supplies were needed and started using companies that provide free delivery service. This innovation will cut the trips to the store in half which will ultimately save 195 staff hours and 4,000 miles on a city-owned vehicle. These hours and miles add up to more than $16,000 in hard and soft savings for the City of Denver. Way to go, Dick!  We are super proud of you and your team!

by: Katie Paulson

6S Storage Room

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