A truly paperless office may see like a distant dream. City and County of Denver employee, Laura Hammock, made this dream into a reality. Laura works with the Hearings Office. She is a Black Belt superstar having completed six innovations since she went through the Black Belt training last year. When she had the idea to try to get her office into the paperless utopia, her colleagues and bosses were more than happy to jump on board and support her efforts (her office is also working collaboratively on a number of other innovations focused on increasing mediation for City Employees)


To begin this daunting task, Laura determined that printing every piece of paper coming through the Hearings Office was unnecessary. Especially since every document was already being saved electronically on a shared drive. In order to make the switch, Laura helped to create an electronic pleadings index and number the pleadings accordingly, which allowed them to begin saving everything to the new these new pleadings folders. This change has saved Laura and her department time and resources. This savings can be calculated into both hard and soft savings. Here are her calculations:

  • $11,250.00/year in paper & toner
  • $6,250.00/year in staff time to process
  • $2,718.00/year in binders & tabs

If you are interested in going paperless in some of your processes, her example is a great way to calculate the savings. Approximately $5,000 still needs to be spent on files that are required to be printed. In total Laura was able to help save her department over $15,000 a year by making the switch.

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