2015-10-30 12.46.57

We are excited to announce the graduation of our 42nd Black Belt class – Mt. Columbia Peak! With 22 participants, this is our largest class of the 2015 year (18 City and County of Denver employees, 4 outside participants).

In as little as 4.5 days, this class:

  • Learned tools to identify and eliminate waste
  • Experienced 3 Gemba Walks (Public Works, Central Park Rec Center, and Community Planning & Development) and presented an in-depth process analysis for each
  • Discussed change management techniques and their place in facilitating change
  • Applied process improvement tools in a 3-hour simulation
  • Presented 22 amazing ignite presentations with over 60 innovation ideas!

We cannot express enough how proud we are of this class. It is our distinct honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to teach them, and we can’t wait to hear of all the great things they will do.

Congratulations Mt. Columbia Peak!

Maze 1
Gemba Readout 1
Gemba Readout 2
Spaghetti Diagram Communication Circle
Tower 1

Tower 2
Tower 4
Airplane 1
Airplane 2
Airplane 6
Airplane 8
Team 1

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