We are so proud of all of our Black Belts! It is so inspiring to hear how fellow employees are continuing to innovate in their everyday work lives, and using simple tools to effect big changes within the City. Special thanks to our our special guest from Adams County, Nick Kittle, for inspiring us with “Sniglets” (a word that isn’t a word… but should be) and how we can rethink innovation and how we can creatively approach problem solving even in our every day lives.

A special thank you also to:

  • All of our amazing Black Belts for continuing to innovate and be engaged in change
  • Little Man Ice Cream for providing a sugary Friday treat
  • Melissa Field and Greg Reger for teaching Change Management and Takt Time & Level loading, and reminding us how powerful simple tools can be

We hope that you had a wonderful time while visiting with us, and that we might see you again soon, and at our upcoming CPE event on December 18th, 2015.


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