Employees are driving innovation at the City and County of Denver, making it easier and more convenient to take care of business by bringing more services online and using technology to save taxpayers money and time.

The Denver Business Journal covered a recent press release from the city about some of the important innovations that City and County of Denver employees have developed.

“Reduced wait times, easy payment options and faster service at city agencies are the result of a multi-year effort to solicit ideas from employees of the city and county of Denver.

That’s the conclusion of a report on Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s Peak Performance effort, launched in 2011, his first year in office.

The program sought to improve the ways city employees could offer suggestions for giving better service to city residents.

According to the report, 61 percent of vehicle owners have renewed or registered their vehicles online, by phone or by mail – a result of one such employee, cutting wait times down from 65 minutes in 2011 to about 36 minutes in 2014

…The report also noted that more than 8.6 million documents from the Clerk and Recorder’s Office have been made available to business and individuals, reducing customer wait times by 86 percent to less than 30 seconds.”

The full story in the DBJ can be found here.

To read the city’s press release about the innovations made at agencies such as the Denver Police Department, Denver Public Library, Denver International Airport, and more, click here.


Feature Photo, Photo Credit: Sandy Huffaker, Denver Business Journal, Bloomberg

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