Netia Ingram serves at the citywide marijuana management analyst. She has embarked on numerous process improvement efforts since accepting the position and becoming a Black Belt in 2014. Netia worked across departments to analyze call data from 311 about citizen marijuana questions. Prior to Netia’s work with 311, numerous agencies took phone calls related to everything from inspections and licensing to pesticides and edibles. The questions were complex and controversial in nature and left employees and callers alike feeling overwhelmed. Netia pulled data on the questions being asked and worked with 311, City Attorney, Excise and Licenses, Community Planning and Development, Environmental Health, Denver Police Department, and Denver Fire Department to update 311 scripts on marijuana. The goal was to provide customers with first call resolution from the 311 agent, in addition to an accurate answer. Prior to this work, first call resolution for marijuana information questions was at 19%. After the change, first call resolution went up to 92%.


In addition to the work with 311, Netia looked at data from licensing technicians on new and modified marijuana business applications to uncover common errors. The errors were complicating the regulation of marijuana businesses in Denver. With the help of a citywide team, Netia worked to find the causes of frequent errors and modified the application forms and licensing database to prevent these errors. Afterwards, Netia partnered with each licensing technician to go over their individual errors and provided training tailored to each individual. She then surveyed the technicians to ask them about the experience. The technicians expressed appreciation for the intensive one-on-one training sessions and requested that future training sessions following a similar format be held for other license types. On key data points, overall error rate dropped from 25% percent to 4% through the course of this effort.

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