Continuing Peak Education (CPE) brings together innovators to learn from each other and celebrate Black Belts as they receive their certification. Peak Academy’s past CPE welcomed Bright Spot Speakers, an Information Session on Coaching, and guest speaker, Stacie Loucks, the Director for Excise & License.

IMG_20150612_134615IMG_20150612_141551Peak held a ‘mini gala’ social hour before our speakers took the stage. Celebrity bartenders, Dionne Williams and Caroline Hendrickson, joined us in preparing the drinks and making this one of our best social hours! Following the Mocktail hour we heard from Marcus Ritosa from the Department of Human Services regarding Coaching exercises. Next up were our Bright Spot speakers! Bright Spots Shaun Sullivan, Eric Wolf, Barry Hendges, Kim Avery, Michael Koslow, and Dionne Williams talked about their innovations on everything from room rescheduling to bike lane repainting. Eric Wolf changed how we reserve meeting rooms at the Webb Building resulting in a faster cleaner process and clearing up work time for employees. Michael Koslow discovered there was no need to repaint a repetitive symbol on bike lanes saving the city upwards of $25,000 per year. Our key note speaker Stacie discussed wait times and innovations in Excise & License. Their total savings so far from innovations is approximately $85,0000! They have also gone from an average wait time of 35min to an average of 20min of wait time for the customer.

Michael Koslow

Denver needs our innovators to help us make this city better. CPE’s allow us to re-energize and celebrate the hundreds of people working to streamline our city and continuously help us make this better place for all of us. Together we see the results and return from investing in de-centralized strategic change. This is about individuals such as Dionne Williams stepping up and coming together to improve our city for everyone. Let’s innovate together!

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