Here at the Peak Academy, we have two main trainings that we offer to introduce City employees to process improvement – Green Belt & Black Belt. Each training provides participants with an understanding of:

The A3 Problem Solving Tool

Tools to Identify Waste

Tools to Eliminate Waste

An Overview of Peak Performance

In both training offerings it is the hope of the Peak Academy to empower and encourage employees to do things differently and be positive role models in their agencies and departments.

Black Belt

Greg Facilitation 2

Black Belt is a 5 day training course that provides in-depth explanation and application of Lean tools. Additionally, Black Belt seeks to encourage employees to become agents of change within the City and County of Denver. The Black Belt curriculum focuses predominantly upon Lean concepts, yet also borrows from other management and production methodologies such as Six Sigma and Change Management. Black Belts must present on three innovation ideas on the last day of their training and are held accountable to complete and submit a certain number of innovations for their agency after taking the course. Believing that people are the strongest asset of any organization and that processes must be continually improved, Black Belt is the flagship training offering of the Peak Academy.

Green Belt

Zoo 1
Green Belt includes much of the same content as Black Belt, yet summarizes many of the concepts, focusing mainly on the A3, Standard Work, and 6S. While Black Belt is a 5-day training, Green Belt is only 4 hours long and participants are encouraged yet not held accountable in their performance reviews for innovation. Though Green Belt provides a much higher level view of the tools that are outlined within Black Belt, Green Belt is a great way to quickly introduce staff to Lean terminology and bring an entire team onto the same page with a structure for innovation.

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