Good Afternoon, First, this innovation looks great! I loved that you kept it small and manageable by improving a space you control; the back of your truck.  I have attached a copy of your A3 for future reference. Also, this innovation qualifies you to receive a Peak Academy Green Belt. Congratulations!  When you get a chance, please pick your Green Belt up from Joi Moton, Stephanie Hellman or Anne Carter. If you have any other innovations, questions, comments, or concerns about the Denver Peak Academy, please let me know. Lastly, remember to SUSTAIN the improvement and keep the area organized: Kaizen! Best, Jerraud Coleman | Associate Process Improvement Specialist Budget and Management Office | City and County of Denver 720.913.5532 Phone | 303.885.9687 Cell Connect with Denver’s Peak Academy on & Barbara Criter build a future state of the Case File System that eliminates the waste identified in the system’s current state.

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